Accelerated learning workshop ahead of TAUS Annual Conference

Introduction to GenAI in Localization

This workshop provides an intensive introduction to generative AI for localization executives. Learn how to implement ChatGPT and its counterparts, and take the first step to transform your localization team into a center of excellence in language models. 

localization and genAI workshop custom mt

Who should attend

  • Localization executives 
  • AI strategists
  • Project Managers tasked with evaluating and implementing GPT-4 and alternatives
  • Conversational AI and global content specialists

Gen AI Landscape:

Gain insights into the emerging landscape of language models, including OpenAI, HuggingFace, Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, Cohere, Steamship, and others. Gen AI Landscape l10n

Use Cases and Applications:

Explore scenarios where language models come into play in localization and other departments. Use Cases and Applications l10n

Governance & Risk Management:

Equip yourself with methods to evaluate and score risk, avoid data leaks, and mitigate output inaccuracies. Governance and Risk Management localisation

Live Projects:

Experts will review 4-7 case studies from l10n teams inside global brands implementing OpenAI technology. Follow the peer analysis of the organizational impact and pitfalls and consider bringing your own use case to benefit from a multi-perspective analysis. Live Projects localization g18n

The session requires no prior technical knowledge of generative AI, only an overall understanding of localization. The program is tailored to non-developer executives who are building up their understanding and resources in language AI. 


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1:00 pm

Warm-up and participant introduction

1:15 pm

Emerging GenAI landscape overview

  • Landscape components: model builders, prompting environments, data pipelines, leaderboards
  • Ecosystems (OpenAI & Microsoft, Nvidia, Meta, Hugging Face, others)
  • Open-source models to adapt

2:00 pm

Interactive QA

Application areas

  • in localization and global content 
  • adjacencies
  • non-content departments

Participant questions and cases

  • Case study 1
  • Case study 2

3:15 pm

Networking break

3:45 pm

Hands-on Session (Prompt writing)

  • Designing better prompts
  • Practical factors: cost, implementation effort, quality gains, and user experience

5:00 pm

Governance & Legal

risk and change management

  • data confidentiality
  • mitigating hallucinations and documenting risks
  • advocacy to become a center of excellence

5:45 pm

Wrap-up and takeaways

Registration fees

September 1, 2023


September 15, 2023 €600

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The workshop will be held at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, on Wednesday 4 October 2023 (the pre-conference day of the TAUS Annual Conference).


This workshop is hosted by Custom.MT in partnership with TAUS.

Please email Konstantin to propose a talk or submit a case study for the event