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Fine-tuned Language Models
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Customize and improve language models,
integrate them with translation and content systems


Model Training for Machine Translation

Train to improve model accuracy with terminology and company style. Reduce edit distance and achieve savings in localization.

Machine Translation Evaluation

Measure performance by language, domain and linguist with automated and human evaluations. Metrics: BLEU, hLEPOR, WER, TER and COMET.

On-Premise Machine Translation

Deploy MT on your computers inside a secure perimeter to work with confidential content that must not flow into the Cloud.

Translation Memory (TMX) Cleaning

Perform an annual cleaning to keep translation memories useful to translators and increase the savings they bring.

Terminology Compliance

Ensure that your business uses professional terminology. We enrich glossaries and ensure compliance with international standards, such as IFRS, SAJ, USPTO, and SNOMED. 


Search for and acquire in-domain training datasets from public sources and marketplaces. Medical, Legal, Patent, eCommerce data.


Open-Source Machine Translation

Build your own brand of machine translation models from open-source data and the latest neural network toolkits.

Language Data Anonymization

Automatically remove personal information such as names, telephone numbers, social security numbers, while keeping the language data for training.

Workshops in Language AI

Train your localization team or an LSP business team in the latest trends and practices.


Trados Connector

Custom MT plugin for Trados allows you to connect over 20 customized, stock, and open-source machine translation models to your favorite CAT tool

Smartling Connector

With this integration Smartling customers gain access to 7 additional MT providers, new ways to use OpenAI models in translation, and estimate quality. 

TMX Cleaner

Multilingual TMX Cleaner is a fully automated solution for cleaning translation memories and performing terminology checks to get more accurate translations.

Multibrand machine 


Multibrand machine 


Works with your TMS

Works with your TMS

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