Video Games: Machine Translation for Chat

Connect millions of players through chat so they can better communicate and make transactions

A global gaming platform with 40 million daily active users worldwide.


Connect millions of players through chat so they can better communicate and make transactions


A gaming platform has a challenge to connect millions of players through the chat so they can communicate  and make transactions, such as buying items from each other. To achieve this, they needed to develop a machine translation system capable of handling the high volume of requests at a rapid pace. At the same time there was another specific challenge which lay in translating extremely concise expressions and abbreviations, often lacking context. For example, deciphering phrases like “Afk send trade,” “I gtg,” “Dawg,” “vote me qb,” and “skill issue!” required the engine to grasp their intended meanings.


It was obvious to everyone that existing off-the-shelf machine translation solutions were inadequate for this task, especially when considering the massive number of messages processed annually. The only solution was to develop and implement its own translation engines based on cutting-edge open-source models available in the market.
Custom.MT, contributed data and conducted evaluations to assist in training the translation engines to accurately capture the language and communication style of young gamers. The Custom.MT team has also orchestrated an evaluation process using the Label Studio app and generated data to enhance the accuracy of the translation engines across 15 different languages.


By ensuring that user-generated content was easily comprehensible to players, the gaming company witnessed a 6% increase in engagement. This meant that millions of players enjoyed extended playtime, formed friendships, and connected with individuals from diverse cultures and languages. The machine translation technology facilitated interactions between Spanish and Portuguese-speaking players in Latin America and Slavic language speakers in Europe, as well as with fellow gamers from Asian countries. As the gaming platform generated revenue from players’ in-game purchases, the implementation of machine translation resulted in an overall boost in revenue.

Engagement increased 6%
Player’s interaction improved
Revenue boost

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