Translation Memory (TMX) Cleaning

Custom.MT provides a fully automated scanner and a human-in-the-loop service to clean translation memories.

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Benefits for localization teams

Increase translation memory reuse in TMS by 2-6%​​

By removing false positives and segments with mistakes, you boost savings from translation memory.

Improve the effect of machine translation model training​

Better TMX leads to better quality of machine translation when you train your custom models.

Improve translator experience​

Cleaner TMX means fewer confusing options, and a faster search/concordance function.

Benefits for language services providers

Win new clients

Armed with our tools, your language data services teams can impress clients and open doors to localization teams and start developing a relationship with them.

Optimize internally

Increase translation memory reuse and achieve incremental improvements on margins.

How Cleaning works

Custom.MT runs an automated scanner using a combination RegEX rules and neural network technology. The scanner flags segments that need to be removed or repaired. A linguist can review the list and correct the segments, in training operations, all suspicious material can be removed to save time. A typical scan & remove operation purges between 20 and 45% of the TMX database. Our checks are customizable and can be tailored to specific requirements.

Download our

TMX Cleaning Brochure

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