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 memoQ connector

One plugin to access 15+ MT engines, including ChatGPT that can be customized according to your needs.

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Improved Selection of MT Providers

Custom.MT enables users to plug additional machine translation brands into memoQ.
Your own models built on MarianNMT, Fairseq, and large language models may also be connected to Custom.MT’s platform.

Use cases for Custom.mt connector

Translate with GPT

Using Custom.MT Platform, you can craft your own prompts for GPT-4, receiving tailored translations in memoQ. This allows you to:

  • Tailor content for your audience.
  • Choose between formal or informal tones.
  • Adjust translations for a desired style and instruction.
    Rectify any source spelling mistakes.

Find your Best-engine

Upload your translation memory to Custom.MT Console and choose machine brands for evaluation. Custom.MT will refine and translate using selected MT engines, comparing them to your human translation. Quickly receive BLEU, COMET, and WER scores to determine the best MT for your content and style.​

DeepL + Glossaries + GPT rewrite in memoQ

Establish a pipeline to translate with DeepL using your terms, then refine with GPT using past MT edits. Enhance DeepL’s capabilities with a large language model for more precise translations.

Ready to try?

Start with creating your Custom.MT Console account!

Manage tags and shortcakes

MT engines often mishandle custom tags and entities. Custom.MT engineers can craft a tag-handling pipeline, ensuring protection during automated translations with your chosen model.

Easily integrated Rare Dialect MT

Find and quickly integrate machine translation models for the languages of India, regional variants of Arabic and Spanish, and even connect open-source models such as Meta NLLB200 and Helsinki NLP.

Add Quality Estimation

Use the TAUS Quality Estimation and ModelFront through the integration as well as the built-in quality assessment functionality.

How does it work with your memoQ account

With this plugin, users can access Custom.MT translation services from memoQ, and you can directly configure Custom.MT engines within memoQ itself. In order to integrate Custom.MT with memoQ, you need to enable it in Options | MT settings. You must then enter your Custom.MT customer key. For a step-by-step guide on how to use Custom.MT in memoQ, please click here.

Make sure that you have signed up to Custom.MT Console with any paid or free plans.

Follow the steps in the video guide, the setting up will take a couple of minutes.


The CustomMT Connector can be utilized for various purposes, such as designing a content pipeline that revises source text for spelling with GPT and then translates it with DeepL. It also allows you to use your preferred machine translation provider and supplement terminology with GPT. In addition, it supports the use of TAUS Quality Estimation and ModelFront through seamless integration, along with a built-in quality assessment functionality.

Custom.MT is hosted securely on AWS in Frankfurt. We do not store the client’s translation data and wipe it immediately after delivering the translation. We follow a privacy policy, and a security guidelines document. When working with OpenAI, we use an account that is opted out from data share. 

You can connect and try it for free. Our Free Plan includes 0.05 million characters and 1 template. If you need more, you can upgrade to our Business Plan for $30 per month, which includes 1 million characters and 10 templates. If that is not enough, we have other more extensive options as well. See the pricing page or contact our Sales team at kd@custom.mt