On-Premise Machine Translation

On-premise secure machine translation is the right choice to translate confidential content in an enterprise environment. 

Running a machine translation server on your own hardware means that no content is uploaded to a 3rd-party Cloud, and remains inside the enterprise perimeter. It is even possible to create a fully closed circuit without access to the Internet for extremely sensitive information of the defense, financial, goverment and legal sectors.


Custom.MT provides implementation of the leading server MT software

Implement with confidence

Custom.MT will score system integration needs & connectors, measure throughput requirements and find the best on-premise offering. After completing the solutions fit, and comparing the total cost ownership, our engineers can benchmark linguistic quality and system reliability, perform training, script connectivity and ensure the secure operation.

Use cases

Translation Portal

Create your own portal to translate documents and text so that employees use an internal system instead of uploading content to Google Translate

Information Monitoring

Machine translation translates news and disclosure publications in multiple languages


Machine translation server helps detect digital evidence in multilingual and multinational litigation

Employee Communication

Machine translation connects to Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 to translate emails, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.

Translation Productivity

Human translators edit machine output to translate more documentation faster