Your own trained MT engine

Empower your localization team and reduce vendor dependency. Get customized MT models for your specific needs or build your own using our tools, data, and engineering technology. Improve output up to 1200 words per hour and reduce costs by up to 90%.

Appropriate MT Solutions for Your Localization Team

Custom MT Engine

Find the ideal MT model for your localization needs and integrate it with your existing systems.

Cost-Efficient System

Maximize your budget with advantageous post-editing compensation schemes. Attain up to 1200 words per hour per linguist.

Well-Equipped Team

Take the leadership role.

Prepare your PMs, linguists, and LSPs for new levels of productivity and efficiency.

Custom.MT goes beyond training engines. We scale up your localization to boost your client services. 

Freedom from lock-ins and steep fees from translation vendors


Reduction of 25% in per-word costs for post-editing using human-in-the-loop model


90% reduction in unit costs for fully automated models without post-editing


Reduce spend on localization by 15%-30%.


Fast throughput rate of 10,000 characters per second


Post-editing output of 500 to 1200 words per hour per linguist


Workshops with linguists to prepare them for PEMT with trained engine