Train your team in the latest in Generative AI

Prompt Engineering for L10n

An introductory workshop where your team will practice prompt writing for localization scenarios in an easy-to-learn playground. The workshop covers the latest trends in generative AI that are relevant to localization and devotes more than half of the time to practical exercises.

  1. Use cases in localization for generative AI
  2. How to write prompts for corporate scenarios
  3. Advanced prompt writing – modular structure, tree of thought prompts, reducing hallucinations
  4. Prompt playgrounds

Duration 2-3.5 hours plus homework

Trainer: Dominik Wever

Building Chatbots

This workshop is a series of 2-3 two-hour events for language professionals, including technical writers, UX writers, translators, proofreaders, editors, and localization specialists to update their skills and increase their post-AI relevancy.

  1. Conversational building blocks and design principles
  2. Exercise: Build a personal bot
  3. From static documents to an interactive style guide. Build a document you can talk to
  4. Exercise: from interactive style guide to writing coach
  5. Use prompting to have ChatGPT review content
  6. Prompt-a-writing-coach: use prompting techniques to design an interactive toolkit for writers

Duration: 2×3 hours

Trainer: Maaike Groenewege

GenAI in Language Services

Focused on language services providers (LSPs) who would like to modernize their business models and maintain relevancy in the face of technological change, this session covers business models for AI-based language services. In this session, the facilitator works with the business team to discuss use cases, buyer personas, productization and pricing.

  1. Overview of current business models of GenAI in language services
  2. Design thinking session: language services buyer personas and their needs
  3. Exercise: review 3 potential clients and design AI-based services for them.
  4. Business development in language services led by technology

Duration: 2x 2 hours

Trainer: Konstantin Dranch