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GenAI in Localization Workshop on October, 4

Dive into the future of translation & localization with GenAI! Prep for the TAUS Annual Conference. Limited seats. Secure yours now! Evolve with GenAI. Be at the forefront of Localization.

Passed Events:

ChatGPT in Localization - Part II

This event featured 15 speakers, including keynotes from Jaap Van Der Meer, Florian Faes, and Anna Schlegel. Discussions revolved around GPT pilots presented by Canva, Flo Health, and Microsoft, the emerging model landscape, and an innovation showcase.

ChatGPT in Localization - Part I

This event featured 11 speakers, including keynote Marco Trombetti, the entrepreneur and Investor, Olga Beregovaya, Jochen Hummel, etc. Discussions revolved around Singularity, AI and MT, future of using ChatGPT in Language Services, Leadership and Governance in LLM

Passed Webinars: