For Product Managers

Expand your product range. Offer your clients more value with trained machine translation for specialized content.

Implement trained MT as part of your product line

Enhance client services by boosting multilingual chat and communications, global eCommerce, SEO-friendly knowledge bases, savvy analytics, opinion mining, and information monitoring applications with trained MT engines.

Global Chat Support

Train MT on UI content, so your local support team can assist users from all around the globe.

Live Subtitles

Enhance accuracy of real-time subtitles, including correct spelling of people’s names.

Multi-Language Scanning

Scan news, blogs, and social media for specialized content in multiple languages.

eCommerce Sites

Train MT engines for individual product groups to get accurate product descriptions.

eLearning Products

Facilitate clear communication among students and professors with course-specific language MT.

Enhance your product group services with the benefits of tailored MT engines.

Be equipped to provide whatever your clients need.