"ChatGPT in Localization"

Part I - April 2023

The first ChatGPT in Localization was such a blast: 2560 registered, 1767 online viewers, and 1300+ concurrent viewers; that we decided to organize a second part, which will take place at the end of April. We will announce the date and the first speakers soon, but you can save your spot already now!

The Why

ChatGPT is the fastest-moving invention in human history. Over two months, it revolutionized communication and brought awareness about large language models to more than 100 million people. The race is on to adopt large language models in every aspect of life, from search to writing; from education to entertainment, and from business to politics. For localization and language professionals, it is the time to act, to take leadership, a make-or-break moment. Seize the day!


Key Topics

Keynote - "Singularity, AI, and MT"


Marco Trombetti  

Entrepreneur and Investor

CEO of Translated and Pi Campus. Marco is a computer scientist, entrepreneur and investor. 

He pioneered the use of artificial intelligence working in symbiosis with professional human translators. He co-founded Translated in 1999, one of the first internet translation companies and today, one of the most successful in the world. He co-founded Pi Campus, a venture capital firm that invested in 49 startups in the last 5 years, from supersonic planes, self-driving cars, robotics and multiple spin-offs from top universities that use AI to improve medicine. 

Marco is the author of the book “The New Prince. Why and How to Startup” in 2018.

Track Speakers

Olga Beregovaya

VP, AI and Machine Translation, Smartling

Jochen Hummel

CEO Coreon & ESTeam

Jose Palomares

Localization Director at Coupa

Ariane Nabeth-Halber

Innovation director at ViaDialog

Bea Verdasco

Head of Localization at Trendyol

Diego Cresceri

Founder and CEO at Creative Words

Anna Golubeva 

Localization Manager at IKEA 

Gema Ramirez-Sanchez 

CEO at Prompsit Language Engineering

Frederik R. Pedersen

CEO at EasyTranslate

Nicolas Flores-Herr
Project Lead at OpenGPT-X

Session Moderators

Konstantin Dranch

Co-Founder at CustomMT

Manuel Herranz

CEO at Pangeanic

Stacey Lisina

Director of Production at CustomMT

Past Event Agenda

4:00 pm CET


“Singularity, AI and MT”

4:30 pm CET

Vendor panel:
ChatGPT in Language Services

– Emerging use cases

– Quick examples with integrations, implementations

– Impact on business relationships (how it will be priced)

– Emerging roles like a prompt engineer

5:30 pm CET

Research panel:
Pathways to a European Answer to ChatGPT

– Overview of the efforts to build LLMs around the world and particularly in Europe

– Why it is necessary to build a European ChatGPT and what’s needed to succeed

– What institutes need to be created in society following the rise of generative AI?

6:30 pm CET

Buy-side panel:
Applying ChatGPT in Localization

– Emerging use cases – buyer perspective

– Governance – how to structure organizational approach to ChatGPT

– Structuring careers and communications around large language models

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