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Cloud API is $2 - 5 per 1 million characters (price depends of volumes)
On-premise translation server 10k - 250k euro / year
Embedded SDK for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows 10k - 70k euro / year
On-premise Machine Translation Studio 100k - 500k euro / year

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LingvaNex |

Founded: 2012 | Updated: April 14th, 2021



Lingvanex is a machine translation company, founded in 2016, that offers translation applications for consumers and businesses on all platforms. It supports high-speed translation of multilingual text, voice, text-on-image, files, websites in 108 languages online and offline. Lingvanex Cloud API & Platform can help privacy-oriented companies to reduce the cost of providing manual translation quality, and quickly integrate private neural-based translation solutions in any application or device. Lingvanex's data centers are hosted in each client's core region and meet GDPR requirements.

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