Custom.MT Translation pricing

Last Updated: October 5, 2023

You are charged for translation based on monthly usage. Text translation usage is calculated in millions of characters, where 1 million = 106 characters.


Prices are listed in EUR.

Price per month

You are charged for the amount of text that Custom.MT processes, such as the text, batch and documents through connectors, API, Web translation, Get translation and Corporate translation portals.

Subscription Amount of characters included in subscription Price for 1 million characters over the limit
Small Business
1 000 000
€ 30
Language Team
10 000 000
€ 20
Discuss with Custom.MT sales department

Default Key Translation

Custom.MT provides access to MT providers through user keys (User Key) and Custom.MT keys (Default Key). The following pricing information applies to translating text, batch and documents through the Custom.MT keys (Default Key in the Credentials section) if it is not included in your subscription.

Type of usage Price for 1 character
Amazon Translate Usage
€ 0.000015
DeepL Usage
€ 0.00002
Globalese Cloud Usage
€ 0.00002
Google Cloud Translation Usage
€ 0.00002
LanguageWire Usage
€ 0.00002
Microsoft Translator Usage
€ 0.00001
ModernMT Usage
€ 0.00005
Pangea Usage
€ 0.00008
Systran Usage
€ 0.000032
Yandex Translate Usage
€ 0.00002
Papago Text Translation Usage
€ 0.000017

OpenAI models are charged in tokens. Below is the price for GPT models usage through the Custom.MT keys.

Type of usage Price for 1 token input Price for 1 token output
OpenAI Davinci-002 Usage
€ 0.000002
€ 0.000002
OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo-1106
€ 0.000001
€ 0.000002
OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo 4K context
€ 0.0000015
€ 0.000002
OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K context
€ 0.000003
€ 0.000004
OpenAI GPT-4-1106-preview
€ 0.00001
€ 0.00003
OpenAI GPT-4 8K context
€ 0.00003
€ 0.00006
OpenAI GPT-4 32K context
€ 0.00006
€ 0.00012
OpenAI GPT-4-turbo-2024-04-09
€ 0.00001
€ 0.00003
OpenAI GPT-3.5-turbo-0125
€ 0.0000005
€ 0.0000015

Charged characters

You are charged for all characters that you include in your request, even untranslated characters. This includes, for example, whitespace characters. If you translate <p>こんにちは</p> to English, it counts as 12 characters for the purposes of billing.

Custom.MT also charges for empty queries. If you request without any content, for example, model status request, Custom.MT charges one character for the request.

For translations, the number of characters processed equals the number of characters in the source language multiplied by the number of target languages. For example, if you submit 5,000 characters and include two target languages in a batch translation request, the total number of characters to process is 10,000.

The use of tag handling filters can change the number of characters both up and down. This happens because the request is changed before sending for transfer.

Charged tokens

Your request includes text for processing and prompt (role, glossary, style and other Prompt Engineering options). Please be aware that using the Prompt Engineering option leads to extra translation costs. Every character in your prompt will be charged.

OpenAI converts the request into tokens and returns information about the volume of input and output. CustomMT calculates statistics and invoices based on this information. You can find more information about tokenization on the OpenAI website.


The amount of characters and tokens usage can be verified based on Custom.MT Statistics. The charged usage will be detailed on the invoice. Payment is made automatically using the selected payment method. If you have any questions about payments, you can contact the