Open-Source Machine Translation

This service allows you to create your own brand of machine translation from open-source software toolkits. The models will run on your own hardware, fully secure, and eliminating the dependency on any third party.

What we do:

Collecting & vetting training datasets
Model deployment & Hosting
Integrating user applications
Technical support & retraining

There is no per-word cost, and you can translate millions or even billions of words if needed. This setup gives you liberty to sell access to your MT models.


We use the same toolkits that power machine translation Microsoft Translator, European Commission, and World Intellectual Property Organization. They are based on Transformer technology and Deep recurrent neural networks. 


Your Own MT Models

Fully Autonomy and Independence

Unlimited Usage

Your own Brand of MT


Powerful hardware with GPU farm

Electricity supply XYZ a year

Starter domain dataset ~ 2 million words

Your MT engines will likely be the best in your specialty area. The service guarantees high machine translation accuracy in-domain.

We ensure this by procuring and carefully vetting training datasets, running evaluations by linguistic experts in-country, and optimizing the model performance towards the selected subject area.