Train a team of linguists to better understand and benefit from customized machine translation.

Editing Machine Translated output is not the same as editing human translations. MT errors require more attention to be identified, as the translation is often very fluent and natural. But fluency can be deceptive, and it can hide mistranslations.

Post-editing is fundamental in the whole translation process, as it makes sure it is stylistically appropriate and grammatically correct.


As post editing relies mostly on the post editor’s ability to identify and effectively cope with typical MT errors, there is a growing need for post editors to be guided, to help increase speed and comfort when working with machine translation.

Benefits of good post-editing:

Today’s clients want higher speed, lower costs and automation. MT post- editing allows us to respond to this demand and stay competitive​.


Post-editing earns per word but more per hour. Experienced post-editors routinely work at 700-900 words per hour.​

Post-editing quality criteria: