Who We Are

Custom Machine Translation (Custom.MT) is an AI and machine learning operations agency. We specialize in helping translation and localization teams implement AI models.


Our flagship product is Custom.MT Console, a machine translation management platform integrated with localization tools Trados, memoQ, Smartling, Shopware and Blackbird.

Custom.MT was founded in 2020 by language industry researcher Konstantin Dranch and translation entrepreneur Philipp Vein. Headquartered in Prague,  it’s a distributed team of consultants, localization engineers, lexicographers, and data scientists. 


In regular projects, we prepare and acquire datasets, train and evaluate models based on OpenAI, Google AutoML, Microsoft Translator, Yandex Translate, Systran, PangeaMT, ModernMT, and other baseline engines. Our trainers work with localization teams to help them switch to post-editing, and our business analysts implement scripts to track Levenstein distance and other metrics.

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Our Team

Konstantin Dranch

Konstantin Dranch


A market researcher, public speaker and industry influencer, with over a decade of expertise in the localization industry and machine translation. Since 2012, he has delivered annual reports and insights into European markets. With a background as a business journalist and strategist for a language technology firm, Konstantin now spearheads comprehensive global rankings of language services and technology providers.



Philipp Vein


A visionary entrepreneur in localization, IT, and finance. As a Financial Manager and Product Leader, he combines an Economics degree and an MBA for strong business acumen. Philipp champions agile management and remote work, prioritizing customer development to align products with user needs. Beyond work, he’s an adventure-loving sports enthusiast, from wakeboarding to snowboarding.

Event manager at "LocFromHome", "ChatGPT in Localization"

Kate Vostokova

Marketing and Content Lead

B2B SaaS Marketing Lead with a unique background in linguistics. At Custom MT, she leads marketing efforts, specializing in content and hosting innovative events like “ChatGPT in Localization” and engineering hackathons. Beyond work, Kate’s a badminton enthusiast and avid traveller, always eager to explore new cultures.

custom.mt localization team

Elena Murgolo

Localisation Consultant

A language expert and tech enthusiast with a passion for martial arts. She started as a conference interpreter, mastering English and German, then transitioned into technical translation. Elena excelled in Language Technology, managing CAT tools and MT. In academia, she’s published papers and presented at conferences. At Custom MT, she’s a Localization Consultant, leading AI model training projects. Beyond work, Elena teaches judo to children, making her our l10n ace with a judo twist.



Martin Chrástek - our tech and language maestro with a seven-year track record in localization, mastering roles from Engineer to Developer at RWS and later Localization Manager. His unique combo of software development and linguistic passion drives Custom MT's innovative edge. Off-duty he enjoys reading

Martin Chrástek

Localization Engineer

A dynamic localization and development expert with over seven years in the field. His varied roles at RWS, including Localization Engineer and Manager, showcase his broad expertise. Martin blends his love for technology with a passion for languages, both in his professional role and as an avid reader in his downtime.

Ekaterina Baburina - Localization Engineer and Project Manager with a 15-year career, including a 13-year tenure at Lionbridge. Her expertise shines in IT project leadership, complemented by her Master's in Computer Science and a Postgraduate degree in Big Data Analysis, focused on Machine Learning. When not at work, she loves sports activities and exploring new countries

Ekaterina Baburina

Project Manager

A seasoned localization pro with 15 years of experience, 13 at Lionbridge, excelling as a Localization Engineer and Project Manager for IT clients. She holds a Master’s in Computer Science and a recent Postgraduate degree in Big Data Analysis (2022), emphasizing Machine Learning predictive models. At Custom MT, Ekaterina combines hands-on experience and academic insights to lead projects seamlessly. Beyond work, she’s an avid runner and swimmer who relishes 5K morning runs and eagerly anticipates her next travel adventure.



MT engineer-analyst involves a multifaceted array of responsibilities, from the training, evaluation, and quality analysis of machine translation engines

Dima Golovin

MT Engineer-analyst

Meet Dima, a data expert with 13+ years in localization. He’s a vital MT engineer-analyst at CustomMT, delving into machine translation, CATs, Hubs, and more. Dima’s passion lies in MT research and automation, crafting in-depth reports. Off-duty, he’s a sports enthusiast, outdoors explorer, language learner, and board game strategist.