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On premise solution is priced 25,000 euros on average.

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Tilde NMT

https://www.tilde.com | info@tilde.com

Founded: 2006 | Updated: April 14th, 2021



Tilde provides localization services, online terminology tools for multiple languages. It develops custom machine translation systems through a versatile translation platform, which allows users to perform various actions starting from the basics like translating text and documents, to the use of 50+ pre-trained translation engines, adaptive machine translation (Tilde MT Dynamic Learning) for continuous performance improvements and custom MT, which can be adapted to any specific domain, terminology, language and style. Users can also generate a website translation plug-in, which can instantly make any website multilingual, or use the built-in CAT tool to edit its translation using translation memory, terminology, and machine translation. Tilde MT technology can also be seamlessly integrated into existing platforms and solutions (products, websites, CAT tools, etc.) and collaboration tools (email, intranet, etc.).

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